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19th August 2013

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Gaston really is the most terrifying Disney villain because he could be anyone in the world.

Later he convinces the whole town to set up his wedding with the knowledge that the would-be bride would be thrown into it. Everyone finds his creepy-ass tactics as cute and “boys will be boys” esque. So yeah, he is terrifying.

Yeah, the truly scary thing about Beauty and the Beast isn’t that Gaston exists, but that society fucking loves him. People who deride the movie by saying it’s about Stockholm Syndrome are ignoring that it’s actually about the various ways that truly decent people get othered by society. People don’t trust the Beast because of the way he looks, which only feeds his anger issues and pushes him further away. Gaston isn’t the only one who criticizes Belle for being bookish, either; the whole town says there must be something wrong with her. And her father gets carted off to a mental asylum for being just a little eccentric.

Howard Ashman, who collaborated on the film’s score and had a huge influence on the movie’s story and themes, was a gay man who died of AIDS shortly after work on the film was completed. If you watch the film with that in mind, the message of it becomes clear. Gaston demonstrates that bullies are rewarded and beloved by society as long as they possess a certain set of characteristics, while nice people who don’t are ostracized. The love story between Belle and the Beast is about them finding solace in each other after society rejects them both.

Notice how the Beast reacts when the whole town comes for him. He’s not angry, he’s sad. He’s tired. And he almost gives up because he has nothing to live for. But then he sees that Belle has come back for him, and suddenly he does. In the original fairy tale, the Beast asks Belle to marry him every night, and the spell is broken when she accepts. In the Disney movie, he waits for her to love him, because he cannot love himself. That’s how badly being ostracized from society and told that you’re a monster all your life can fuck with your head and make you stop seeing yourself as human.

Society rewards the bullies because we’ve been brought up to believe that their victims don’t belong. That if someone doesn’t fit in, then they have to be put in their place, or destroyed. And this movie demonstrates that this line of thinking is wrong. It’s so much deeper than a standard “be yourself” message, and that’s why it’s one of my favorite Disney movies.

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14th March 2013

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28th February 2013

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11th February 2013

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#the way he points at the door like ‘dis bitch’

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20th January 2013

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14th October 2012

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27th September 2012

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(via 蜂木さんの手書きブログ)


(via 蜂木さんの手書きブログ)

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7th September 2012

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Donald and Daisy Duck

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2nd September 2012

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02/50 Disney Films

The Aristocats (1970)

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25th August 2012

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lion king bloopers.
most of them were recorded then later animated.
but this is priceless :D


Keep rolling..

“k-keep rolling.”


oh god this is fantastic

Freaking James Earl Jones though. 


Rafiki. You had. One job.

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25th August 2012

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most emotionally damaging part of my childhood

or emotionally invigorating, get yo attitude right!

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19th August 2012

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18th August 2012

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18th August 2012

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So I had no voice at work today, and since I work at the Disney Store


I had a little note pad, in which I wrote, “Can’t speak, Ursula the Sea Witch stole my voice! But I’m happy to assist you!”And a little girl came up to me, read my notepad, grabbed my hand, and dragged me all around the store,asking random guys if they’d like to be my “true love” so I can get my voice back and stay human.…it was the most adorable, awkward situation I had ever been in. Everyone else got a kick out of my reference too.

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16th August 2012

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