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18th November 2012

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Anytime someone says “Oh no, you must be so cold/wet, you’re gonna get sick!” I just want to sit them down and lecture them for a week. You get sick because of viruses or bacteria, not because of the weather >;U -indiscernible noises of rage-

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19th January 2012

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   So I was complaining about how sick I am, and my mother said “oh, you’re hardly dying.” So I dressed in my Victorian-era nightgown, tossed on my Vriska wig, and lit an oil lamp on my bedside table. Now I am in my bedroom waiting for her to find me so I can recite lines for the scene where the girl is dying of a fever in Sense and Sensibility. Fight me, Mom.


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16th November 2011

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Greeeaaatttt, despite the fact that I’ve had a horrible cough for half the week and could barely speak on Monday, and the prof told us that if we were sick that it was okay to make stuff up, all of a sudden none of that matters and I get a 0 on my whole presentation. I freaking spent forever on that damned presentation too and it’s worth a decent amount of points. It’s not my friggin fault that he spent too much time early on in the semester going over mundane things and it be alright for him to rush everything at the end, nor is it my fault that I got sick considering I wash my hands all the time. FML. I’m just so over this week ;(

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16th November 2011

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Froggy In My Throat

Soo I have to do a presentation tomorrow, which I don’t really mind except for the fact that I’ve been sick and I sound like there’s a frog in my throat. I’ll be in front of the class trying to make myself look intelligent, but instead I’ll be coughing randomly and won’t be able to talk properly >;[ Which will probably make me lose my train of thought too, rawr! Maybe if I get a good sleep, it might help, but I doubt it. Can’t wait for this week to be overrr so I can pseudo relax for Thanskgiving break, even though I have to write a paper on this presentation during then… z.Z … zzzzzzzZZZZ…

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24th September 2011

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I really am sick, but I’m trying my best not to show it since it’s a sore throat infection.. blagh >.<;

I really am sick, but I’m trying my best not to show it since it’s a sore throat infection.. blagh >.<;

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